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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a ATV or Snowmobile

Do you take sports vehicles that are not working?
Absolutely, we will make offers on anything from UTV, UTV, dirt bike, golf cart, sports vehicle, and anything else in all conditions! Submit the form and find out what we can do for you.
What paperwork is required to sell off road vehicles and snowmobiles?
Senate Bill 13-280 Titling Off Highway Vehicles, creates the ability for OHV and Snowmobiles to be titled. Senate Bill 13-280 applies only to titling of OHV, registration of OHV is still done through CPW. To get info regarding Off Highway Vehicles registration, see the CPW page.

You should have one of the following:
  • Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (MCO)/Manufacturer Statement of Origin
  • Certificate of Title
  • Current CPW Off Highway Vehicles registration
  • If in a dealer’s inventory before to July 1, 2014, a DR 2444 for each OHV stating the following: “Prior to 7/1/2014, the off-highway vehicle detailed above was held as inventory by: Dealer Name Address Phone Number”
  • Finished DR 2395
From: here.
How long does this take in hand?
Usually, we will call you within an hour with an amount for your CCV. We will arrange for you to leave or to come pick it up. If it is taking a bit longer due to the best arrangements you need feel free to call us.
Sell a ATV, Dirt Bike, UTV, Snowmobile, Golf Cart, or CCV in Fruita for Cash Fast!

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What is my ATV value?

Fair market value or the normal selling price found in instructions that are other along with the Kelley Blue Book is the average price that dealerships buy a special ATV in a specific year. This worth is just not the cost that is specific that any auto dealer is willing to buy a certain type of of ATV, but it is a reliable guideline for average trade in values. An ATV's condition includes such variables as its state of repair during trade in, any parts which can be substitutions and any adjustments made to the vehicle. As sellers will willingly spend more for ATVs mpg can be a factor that is key. Both Kelley Blue Book as well as the NADA Information listing the mileage amounts that car dealers consider average for ATVs. Considerations that are minor, including the cleanliness of the ATV and whether or not the automobile has additional alternatives, can possess a modest effect to the trade-in of the ATV value.

What exactly is the value of my used golf-cart?

The procedure of selling a golf trolley that is used is much the same from what you could undergo with an auto. Now, there's a massive market for used golf buggies among retailers who take them in trade for brand new types. You could believe it could have little value significantly just like a suit of clothes which you have previously used, for those who have a golf-cart. Since the market for them is much larger than you could imagine, actually, a cart that is used might be worth a lot. In reality, determined by its age and state, a golf cart that is secondhand can sell for $2,500 or even more. There are three explanations for why the market for golf carts that are used has grown. First, there's prestige connected with possessing one. Then there's the economic system of having a golf-cart instead of renting one whenever you play with golf. Whenever you must to perform chores and do other pursuits eventually, a golf cart is an extremely convenient way of transfer. Clearly, most golfing carts are used on a golf links. But they are now viewed by more folks than ever before as a preferable strategy to to perform chores close to home. This is especially accurate of retired persons, who find golf carts almost indispensable inside the close limits of their pension neighborhood. Perhaps not simply are golf buggies they are very economic to manage. Therefore, there is a huge marketplace for utilized carts aside from the golf course itself. Golf cart proprietors have started customizing their vehicles to reflect their characters. There's no end to the ways a cart could be transformed, including installing leather seat covers, fancy roofs and stereo sound systems. Countless firms provide merchandise to turn golf carts in to one-of-a-kind things, and those changes can affect the selling price of a used cart. You can find two types of golfcarts: electrical and gas -powered. Generally, employed gasoline golfing buggies are somewhat higher priced than electric types. Nonetheless, after around 15 years, an electrical trolley may keep more of its value as a result of its longer li Fe and need for less repairs.